Patrick McCallum and Mark MacDonald are McCallum Group.

Together with our in-house team we leverage our decades of experience and extensive networks of key relationships at the California State Capitol to effectively influence policy, politics and the allocation of resources on your behalf. Highly respected, responsive and creative, we stand ready to serve you. McCallum Group, Inc. together with the College and Corporate Brain Trust that includes over 80 consultants offers full service lobbying and consulting to serve your needs.

We navigate a highly ambiguous, complex landscape on your behalf.

You want to be heard and remembered by decision makers. We help you stand out among the multiple stakeholders clamoring to influence policy, politics and how resources are allocated. We go above and beyond frequent meetings with legislators to:

  • Develop and articulate your legislative priorities.
  • Nurture long-term relationships with the many Executive Branch agencies of state government.
  • Provide sought-after expert analysis for legislative, committee and executive staff.
  • Influence policy positions and build coalitions among stakeholders.

We get results that create a brighter future for you.

You need a consistent, persistent voice in Sacramento. We know the players and the issues and how to influence outcomes so that they coincide with your programs, strategic goals, and most importantly, your day-to-day operations. We help you to:

  • Change laws and regulations to adapt to your process.
  • Protect your resources when threatened by proposed policy changes.
  • Mitigate the impact of painful budget cuts.

Our secret to your success: You are not a small fish in a big pond.

We are chosen by smart, passionate clients motivated to partner with us to create the future they desire. We proactively engage our clients' input and respectfully value their front-line involvement. We hear firsthand from them, and help them see what's coming. Then we customize a memorable strategic response that leads to relevant, compelling results.

So . . . what can we do for you? What results can we help you achieve?

Give Mark or Patrick a call at 916-446-5058 so that we can learn more.

P.S. And don't wait! The process takes longer and requires more planning and deadlines than most people realize. Bring us in as early as possible. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can help.

"Patrick McCallum is truly a visionary in the community colleges upon whom I've consistently relied for the past 30 years whether I was a college President, Legislator, or State Chancellor"

- Jack Scott
Former Legislator and State Chancellor

"As Speaker, when it came to higher education, I found Patrick to be an effective lobbyist with a keen understanding of the issues he advocates and the political environment in which they unfold. This gives him a unique ability to get results for his clients."

- Fabian Nuņez
Former Speaker of the Assembly

"I've known Patrick for 22 years working both with him as a Legislator and a consultant. He understands policy and politics and crafts creative solutions on very difficult issues for his clients. Patrick and the McCallum Group are one of the "best in breed" in Sacramento."

- Jim Brulte
Former Republican Leader

"Having worked closely with Patrick for more than a decade while I was president of the L.A. College Faculty Guild, I know what a skillful problem-solver he is. He was always able to help identify common interests of labor and management in Los Angeles and to keep both sides focused on those interests so that we were not distracted by disagreements peripheral to the issue at hand."

- Carl Friedlander
Past President, AFT 1521

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